Temporary tattoo designs: The ultimate temporary tattoos - Purchase singles or wholesale quantities - Logos custom printed in large quantities.

1. Crosses - (Celtic Gothic)
2. Daisies
3. Super Hotties - full body various poses
4. Wolf - very ferocious front standing or side sitting (maybe howling).
5. Bull Bull - front view maybe a twisted body, exagerrated features
6. Scars - (stitches, bullet wounds, gashes)
7. Zodiac - Coloured images.
8. More - tribal designs.
9. Sexual Art - a variety of images possible including women posing.
10. Zipper - slightly open.
11. Stonework Tattoos - A popular new style
12. Zodiac - Coloured images. 
13. Tribal - Images done in a tribal style, other individual line pieces
14. Tiger - Top View (Abstract or Extremely Realistic)
15. Bar Code (Must fit into "C" sheet)
16. Queen of Hearts (Sexy tarty looking Queen, Hot trashy?)
17. Boat (Schooner)
18. Mermaid (Sexy looking)
19. Skeleton (Full Body)
20. Frog (Cartoony and Playful)

21. Phoenix Thunderbird
22. Scottish Lion (as seen on maps and emblems)
23. Grim Reaper
24. Gryphon (traditional look)
25. Crazy Clown

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