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Application and Accessories

Here are some things that you may want to have in order to start up your own temporary tattoo application business.

  1. Tent - Possibly 10' x 10' or 12' x 12' or 15' x 15'...these sizes are best suited for most festival type events. The stronger the better. Of course not all locations suit the use of a tent so use your discretion.

  2. Tables stools and chairs - Remember to bring what is appropriate and necessary.

  3. Flash - The more sets of flash you have available for viewing the more your sales will increase. Remember this stuff looks great so the more the better. We use 3-4 sets when we do a gig.

  4. Rubbing Alcohol - This is for cleaning the skin before the tattoos are applied. We suggest cleaning everybody, especially when working out doors where sunscreen is likely to be used. Always make sure that skin is completely dry before applying tattoo. It can also be used for tattoo removal.

  5. Squirt Bottles - Remember to have a few if it is a big show you are working. It is a good idea to have one that does both"squirt" & "spray". Also, clearly label the ones that you fill with rubbing alcohol.

  6. Baby Powder - This is used to put on the tattoos after they are applied. The reasons for the baby powder are as follows: It helps absorb skin oils which will make the tattoos last longer, it dulls the shiny finish you will sometimes see which will make the tattoo look more realistic, it is also a very "showy" thing for others to watch and helps attract attention to your booth. (the slower your booth is the more time you should spend with the baby powder and vice versa).

  7. Powder Brush - You will need this for applying the baby powder (get a good one; this is your magic wand).

  8. Mirror - 2 or 3 hand mirrors for viewing the tattoos.

  9. Napkins - Or paper towel must be on hand for drying skin and tattoos. Napkins are better because you don't need two hands to get one.

  10. Baby Oil - Keep some on hand for removal of mistakes.

  11. Tape - Always keep a variety of type of tape on hand. It always seems to come in handy. Tape can also be used very effectively for tattoo removal. Put tape completely over applied tattoo, rub over tattoo with the back of your fingernail and pull off tape. Repeat if necessary.

  12. Scissors - Keep a couple of pairs handy you will probably need them. They are sometimes helpful for putting on belly button tattoos (cut out the middle first so the tattoo is easier to center.

  13. Candles - Can come in handy sometimes when working indoors for light and ambiance.

  14. Razors - Keep a pack of disposables on hand. Sometimes people want or need to be shaved and this also will make the tattoo last longer.

  15. Exfoliation Mit - This is a showy option that we suggest but is not necessary. It is a rough surfaced mitten that, when rubbed lightly a few times over the skin before the tattoo is applied will remove the dead skin cells and make the tattoo last longer. These can be purchased at drug stores and beauty supply stores.

    Body Graphics does not sell any of the items above other than extra flash. This is due to shipping charges.


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