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Series 5Tattoos

1. What is the best kit to start my franchise?

It really depends on who your target audience is. Series 2 is an all-round complete kit suitable for a unisex crowd of any size. Top 50 is the best selling tattoos from series 2, suitable for smaller operations, one time fundraisers and in combination with the series 3 or 4 kit (instead of using the series 2 kit ). The Fem kit speaks for itself (hair salons, nail shops, accessory stores as well as female dominated crowds. Series 3 and 4 are not recommended for use by themselves. They are add-on kits which contain lower back, glow, glitter and word tattoos, and work perfectly with a series 2 or a top 50 kit.

2. Where do I sell the tattoos?

Nightclubs, concerts, trade shows, hair and nail salons, beaches, sporting events, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, festivals, fairs, bazaars, flea markets...

3. How do I approach potential venues?

Some locations will want a flat rate to rent a booth or space, others a percentage of sales but some venues can be convinced it is in their best interest to have you at there event as an attraction. Sell yourself as an attraction that will have a crowd drawing affect. You can charge per tattoo or sell services at a per hour rate. Usually you will get $50-$150 per hour!

4. How much do I charge for tattoos?

We recommend a 600-1500% mark-up on our tattoos.

5. How much can I make?

A small nightclub might only generate $100 per evening but some of our franchises make up to $5000 a day when doing large festival events and fairs!

6. How do I display the flash?

You can display your flash either on a wall or in a display binder if there is not enough room. Due to the quality of display flash (very attractive and colourful) we recommend wall displays wherever possible. We sell extra sets of flash (at our production cost) and highly recommend that you have extra sets available. This will draw more people to you and give customers more room to browse when the crowds get big. We use four sets when we do our yearly festival gigs!

7. What equipment will I need?

This varies depending on your venue. Click here for more information.

8. How long will the tattoos last?

Depending on various conditions such as skin type, location, friction, and application, the tattoo can last between 2 days and in rare situations a month but usually 4-5 days. Tattoos are waterproof but are removable any time with baby oil or rubbing alcohol. The use of moisturizing showers gels will also shorten the life of the tattoo.

9. Should I shop around?

There used to be another company that sold temporary tattoo parlour kits but after we arrived on the scene they soon went out of business. They had no experience actually operating a parlour, so we really did have an unfair advantage. It is possible to do all this research yourself and source out your own designs, and make your own flash, and pick the best selling tattoo designs, and cut out all the tattoo from bigger sheets, and source out tattoo holders, and design your own signage, and make your own coupons and application sheets, and let's not forget wasting all the tattoos that don't sell on those multi design sheets, buuuuuut.......we know the retail temporary tattoo market better that any one on the planet so why waste your time when we've already done everything for you!

10. How do I set up?

In general we recommend you pick a high traffic area for your business, however it all depends on the type of venue. Good lighting is important. Don't trap yourself too deep in a corner and try to be near traffic flow areas. The location near the ladies room can sometimes be ideal!

11. How do I reorder tattoos?

Click here to visit our re-stocking area for our franchisees.

12. Will body sprays and lotions affect application?

Oil or alcohol based products applied before or after the tattoo application will interfere with the tattoo adhesion and cause the tattoos to fade much quicker. Having a little rubbing alcohol handy to clean your client's skin can be very handy!

13. How do I remove the tattoos?

We recommend using tape to remove the tattoo if it was just applied. If the tattoo has been allowed to set we recommend using baby oil or rubbing alcohol.

14. How long will it take to get my franchise and re-stock tattoos?

In most cases we will ship out your orders the same day. How long it takes to get there depends upon the shipping method that you choose and your location.



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