Temporary tattoo designs: The ultimate temporary tattoos - Purchase singles or wholesale quantities - Logos custom printed in large quantities.

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Start your own business selling temporary tattoos. Our kits are the perfect way to be your own boss.
Most franchises make their startup costs back in one weekend. There is little or no risk starting a franchise. Your kit will pay for your start-up costs 6 to 10 times over!
We at BodyGraphics are experts in the parlour sales of temporary tattoos and are available for consultation with any problem you may encounter.
Sell in your own retail outlet or in nightclubs, beaches, schools, festivals, concerts, malls, fairs, carnivals, flea markets and street bazaars...
There are endless places to sell tattoos, so your potential income is only limited to the amount of dedication you give to your business. Some of our franchisees are earning over $100,000 in just 6 months!

Extra Flash Sets:
(Franchisee Rate)
Extra Flash Sets:
(Franchisee Rate)
Extra Flash Sets:
(Franchisee Rate)
Extra Flash Sets:
(Franchisee Rate)
Extra Flash Sets:
(Franchisee Rate)

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Your kit comes with everything needed to start your profitable and fun temporary tattoo business.


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