Temporary tattoo designs: The ultimate temporary tattoos - Purchase singles or wholesale quantities - Logos custom printed in large quantities.

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Stock Tattoos :
To order any stock tattoo on our site, simply find the category you're looking for by using either the gallery or the menu bar, and click the 'add to cart' button underneath the designs you want. You will be forwarded on to our shopping cart, which will total your order up, apply taxes and shipping as applicable, and send you through to our secure payment gateway to pay with a credit card.

If you would like to pay by other means, follow the same directions but print out your order totals page and either mail it to us with a cheque, fax it to (519) 898-9983, or copy the text into an e-mail and send it to admin@bodygraphics.ca.

Custom Tattoos:
If you have a design, logo, or idea for a custom tattoo, please either give us a call at (519) 898-9999 or send an e-mail to info@bodygraphics.ca. Include as much information as you can in regards to tattoo size, quantity and design so we can provide as much relevant information to you as possible.

Franchise Kits & Kit Reorders:
For those who own one of our franchise kits, or for those who would like to, please give us a call at (519) 898-9999 for more information. Reorder forms for Franchisees are included in your kits, or are available for download from this page! Just fill it out and fax to (519) 898-9983.



All prices on our website (unless noted) are in U.S. Dollars. When ordering off of our shopping cart, Canadian clients must pay with Canadian dollars at the current exchange rate, but orders from all other countries must pay with U.S. Dollars.

Payment Choices:

Through our website shopping cart, we are able to process payments using VISA or Mastercard only.

We can also accept payments by cheque, money order, bank draft, Paypal, wire transfer, cash or Interact Bank Transfer. However, since we don't have these options available on our shopping cart, if you would like to pay with one of these options, please call us to enquire about procedure.


There is a base rate of $1.50 USD to send tattoos by regular mail, and the pricing goes up in conjunction with how many tattoos are being sent and where they are being sent to. For specific details on pricing, see our shipping page.

Delivery Time:

Tattoos sent by regular mail will generally take between 2-7 business days for delivery, but be warned that larger tattoo orders crossing the border can sometimes be held up at Customs for a longer amount of time.

Faster Delivery:
If you are concerned that your tattoos won't reach you for by the time you need them, we can send them by courier service...the option for U.S. and Canadian courier is built into our shopping cart, but for international orders please get in touch with us for a quote!

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