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The Product:
A temporary tattoo is: a combination of a polypropylene protective top sheet, non-toxic vegetable dyes, a paper backing and glue similar to that which is used in a band-aid. The tattoo is applied with water to clean, dry, reasonably hairless skin. After the protective top layer is removed the tattoo is positioned correctly on the skin. The specialty glue is released once water is applied to the paper backing. After waiting 30-60 seconds the paper can then be removed revealing a perfect image every time. Depending on various conditions such as skin type, location, friction, and application, the tattoo can last between 2 days and in rare situations a month, but usually 7-12 days. Outlasting our competition, which average 2-4 days, our tattoos are waterproof and are easily removable with baby oil or rubbing alcohol.

The Prototype:
At Body Graphics we are never satisfied with status quo, for that reason we are dedicated to improving our product. Although our prototypes have surpassed most expectations, we have noticed some production flaws. We have corrected the alignment of the pin striping, added slots for the reference cards and generally enhanced the construction. Pertaining to the tattoo packaging we have improved the card stock of the header, enlarged the display peg opening and addressed minor discrepancies in fit and finish. Finally the slight color inconsistency has been corrected in the Love/Passion design.

The right choices for our clients:
Unlike previous temporary tattoo companies whose aims have been ensuring their bottom line rather than the success of re-orders and continued retail relationships. Body Graphics is aware that certain items will sell better than others. We’ve focused our attention on choosing the best selling designs for our clients and have designed a re-order system which uses our marketing data and your demographics to ensuring no one flounders in unwanted stock. Although you are choosing from the best of the best in our collection we know this system will ensure smooth sailing throughout our business relationship.

Body Graphics International:
As part of Body Graphics expansion, we are relocating our head office to Southern California with a grand opening scheduled for mid 2006. All U.S. orders will be shipped and distributed from the U.S. The Canadian office will remain open and retain shipping and customer services centre for our Canadian customers needs. This will effectively cover both coastal ports as well as giving us distribution centers in the two major North American markets. This expansion will also include an increased sales department and will allow us to further increase our coverage and customer service.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to explore our product, and hope we can build a mutually beneficial ongoing relationship. If you would like to contact us further or have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us toll-free at 1-866-TMP-TATS (867-8287)
or locally at 519-898-9999 or e-mail info@bodygraphics.ca or sales@bodygraphics.ca

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