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There are so many reasons to buy a kit and become a franchisee with Body Graphics. Here are a few reasons why...

1. Once you have purchased a kit and are a franchisee your restocking prices on tattoos drops considerably .

2. When ordering large custom printing you will receive 15% off any order you make with us.
3. Our franchise kits are an instantly operable business for nightclubs, beaches, schools, festivals, concerts, malls, fairs, carnivals, flea markets and street bazaars etc.
4. Most franchisees make their startup cost back in one weekend
5. Your kit will pay for your start-up costs 6 to 10 times over!
6. It's fun! You get to meet people and get to make some easy money outside for a summer job.
7. Our kits are the perfect way to be your own boss.
8. There is little to no risk starting a franchise.
9. Some of our franchisees are earning over $100,000 in just 6 months!
10. You receive hundreds of premium quality Body Graphics Tattoos, plastic holders, tattoo display flash and all necessary paperwork to help you run your business.
11. With your franchise kit you will receive a cd with 6 different Printable Temporary Tattoo signage for your business ranging in size from 2'x4' to 10'x3'

12. You can mark-up on your tattoos from 600-1500% of what you payed for them.

13. Franchise kits can not only be used for reselling at functions, but could also be an added moneymaker to your current business, salon, or other retail operation.
14. As a kit owner you have the right to use the flash or sell both permanent and temporary tattoos.


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